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Northern Gold Cashews & Raisins Granola

Northern Gold Cashews & Raisins Granola is a wholesome blend of honey toasted oats mixed with sun ripened California raisins and the rich flavour of cashews. We use premium quality 100% non-hydrogenated oil to keep this wholesome blend low in saturated fat and trans fat free. All of our whole grain granola cereals provide a high source of dietary fibre and are low in sodium - a nutritious and delicious way to start your day.

You and your family can enjoy our delicious granolas anytime, as a convenient, tasty snack on its own, or a crunchy topping on yoghurt and other desserts. Also, try any flavour as a baking ingredient to add new interest to your favourite recipes.

Feel Good with Northern Gold!

Ingredients: Whole grain oats, whole wheat, brown sugar, raisins (hydrogenated vegetable oil, glycerine), soybean oil, cashews, honey, sesame seeds, milk ingredients, cinnamon, flavour.

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